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Nathanael Greene Museum in Greeneville Tennessee

Nathanael Greene Museum
Greeneville Tennessee

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March 2008

Greeneville Tennessee and Greene County were named for General Nathanael Greene (as were Greensboro North Carolina and Greenville South Carolina). He was a major general of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War and rose to become one of General Washington's most trusted officers. (see link below).

Nathanael Greene Museum in Greeneville Tennessee

The museum is divided into 10 galleries. The President's Gallery is about President Andrew Johnson and his family and includes many items and photos from the family.

The Early Agriculture Gallery focuses on the areas' farming roots before modern machinery was available. There is a considerable collection of farming tools.

Nathanael Greene Museum in Greeneville Tennessee
Nathanael Greene Museum in Greeneville Tennessee

The Veteran's Honor Gallery is a memorial to Greene County residents who fought and died in this country's wars. The gallery features Marine Corps Sergeant Elbert L. Kinser, a Congressional Medal of Honor winner.

The Civil War Gallery tells the story of how the Civil War affected Greene County. The gallery includes actual Greene County artifacts from the Civil War era.

Nathanael Greene Museum in Greeneville Tennessee

Nathanael Greene Museum in Greeneville Tennessee The Elegant Home Gallery gives a view of 18th, 19th and 20th Century Greene County homes at a time when the area was considered the western frontier of the country.

The Community Gallery takes a look at education, medicine, music and sports in the area. There are items from Greene County hospitals, bands and schools.

Nathanael Greene Museum in Greeneville Tennessee
Nathanael Greene Museum in Greeneville Tennessee

The Children's Adventure Gallery and Learning Room is to help children see the joy of learning. The gallery includes a log cabin, covered wagon, Native American huts, stuffed animals, a bear's den, bonnets, coonskin caps and more.

The Early Home Gallery shows life in Greene County from 1900 - 1935. It focuses on the "Great Depression" and how neighbors helped neighbors during this times. It also shows the effects of inventions such as the telephone, radio, automobile and airplane on local citizens. Nathanael Greene Museum in Greeneville Tennessee

President Andrew Johnson of Greeneville Tennessee

The Early Business Gallery gives a view of early businesses from 1880-1910. It features the A. H. Jenkins Shoe Shop (1880) and the Romeo Store, which served as Post Office, Seed Store, Pharmacy, Tobacco Shop, Hardware, Penny Candy Store and community center.

The African American Gallery highlights the development of the African American community of Greene County. It represents the home life, education, military and vocational artifacts of African American residents of Greene County.

Nathanael Greene Museum in Greeneville Tennessee

After you visit the Nathanael Greene Museum you feel you know the community in a way that a more formal museum or a town tour could not offer. It shows that this town's history is much more than the history of its' famous citizens. There is no charge to tour the museum but they accept donations at the entrance.

President Andrew Johnson of Greeneville Tennessee

Directions to Greeneville Tennessee from Watauga Lake:

Take Route 321 from the Lake through Elizabethton and Johnson City Go approximately 30 miles beyond Johnson City and follow the signs to the Historic Sites when you reach Greeneville.

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