Butler Weather Forecast, TN (37640)

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Nov. 6 2014 Midnight Water Elevation 1949.1 feet
(source: TVA.com)

Watauga Lake Water Elevations

Watauga Lake Water Levels
November 2014

Photos, illustrations & article by Pat Johns ©2007 - present
All Rights Reserved
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TVA Announcement about 2013-2014 Winter Water Levels:

"The TVA defines certain water level guides for each of its reservoirs and reports on actual levels daily. They use the term flood guide to designate the maximum level they would like each reservoir to reach so that they may be ready for flooding rains. They may increase the levels above this with large inflows of water but then subsequently try to lower the level back to the flood guide level. The Flood Guide level for Watauga Lake is 1959.0 feet sea level. Some also call this "Full Pool."

"Lower Winter Water Levels At the request of many property owners, TVA is currently drawing down Watauga Reservoir to facilitate private shoreline cleanup and general maintenance on permitted docks. The reservoir will be pulled down to approximately the 1,940-foot contour elevation (about 10 feet below normal winter pool) between now and mid-November 2013.

"This is similar to the draw down pattern last year when navigation safety buoys were installed. Read More TVA will hold the reservoir around the 1,940-foot contour elevation for approximately four weeks, from mid-November until mid-December, and then quickly begin recovery toward normal 2014 spring/summer levels as rain and runoff permit. Watauga property owners, dock owners and marina owners are encouraged to take advantage of these low water conditions to complete shoreline cleanup or permitted stabilization efforts, or general dock maintenance on previously permitted structures.

"As a reminder, any new shoreline work or dock alterations require prior approval from TVA. For questions regarding Section 26a permitting or other general maintenance questions, please contact Anthony Summitt, the area Program Manager, at 423-467-3801 or at adsummitt@tva.gov. Additional information on TVA Section 26a permits may also be found at http://www.tva.gov/river/26apermits/ or by calling 1-800-882-5263. Lake users, boaters and shoreline property owners are encouraged to prepare docks and boats for lower water levels, anticipate limited access at many locations and use caution while on the water. As a reminder, it is illegal to remove, disturb, dig or damage cultural archaeological artifacts on federal property, including land normally covered by water. The public is asked to leave in place any cultural or archaeological items and to report anyone digging for artifacts by calling 1-855-548-2489."

       ~ TVA.com

Around Watauga Lake:

Spring around Watauga Lake Tennessee Spring around Watauga Lake Tennessee
Spring around Watauga Lake Tennessee Spring around Watauga Lake Tennessee
Spring around Watauga Lake Tennessee Spring around Watauga Lake Tennessee
                         Spring around Watauga Lake Tennessee
                         Spring around Watauga Lake Tennessee